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Celebrating Our Amazing Elna
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Elna's Support for Seniors and Dependent Adults
Elna is committed to spreading awareness among other vulnerable folks like herself. She believes it is important for Seniors and Dependent Adults to understand their rights and to have a document with them at all times so they feel safe and protected. This essay provides a combination of rights from legal and social resources, from consultation with counselors, and from reflecting on her own experiences. With Rotary's participation, we will make a difference!

Elna's World Project 101
We are hoping to honor Elna's 101st year by raising donations to send 101 kilograms of rice, 101 backpacks with school supplies, and 101 pairs of children's shoes to a village in Sri Lanka. Under Development

Elna's World Vision
Elna's World Adventures, in cooperation with businesses and charities in Canada and Sri Lanka, has the vision of helping the people of Sri Lanka and other parts of the world with charity, food, education, employment, opportunities, and housing. We have wonderful volunteers to help along the way. Step by step, we will be adding projects as they develop.
About Elna's World
Elna was born on a goat ranch in the rocky hills of Texas USA in 1922. She continues to live a life of service, adventures, travels, learning, sharing, and caring! Discover Elna's Amazing Story

Marietta is Elna's daughter and champion. She and Elna have a mutually loving and supportive relationship that spans their entire lifetime together. Marietta is a life-long activist for change, peace, and rights.

Shihan and Shahana are recent arrivals from Sri Lanka who have spent their lives in service to others. Their youth, enthusiasm, and commitment will help us meet the challenges ahead.

Elna's World is operated by volunteers who support and promote Elna's well-being, adventure, happiness, and future; and who work together to help others. At this point, we are operating on a personal basis.

Elna's World is not a recognized charity and is not representing any other entity. Our views are entirely our own.